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In order to meet the operational needs, the company designed its offices, where it was moved after the completion of their construction in the year 2000. This privately owned building is the headquarters of the company and is located on Maindroupoleos Street in Ampelokipi, Attica. Includes 5 workplace floors and the following ancillary spaces:

  • Server room
  • Large storage spaces
  • Parking

All areas of the building have an alarm system and automatic fire extinguishing. A permanent recording system (CCTV) has also been installed in the outdoor common areas.

In addition to the headquarters, the company leases various spaces throughout the territory depending on the needs of the projects being prepared.


The company monitors the development of information systems by improving the production process so that it remains competitive with other companies in the industry. The sub-segments use recent and widely used software from branded companies in the global market. Selected staff is trained in the use of these softwares basically by official product distributors.

The computer network and terminals (servers) use recent operating systems for optimal functionality and directness in communication as the individual components work in a common storage space.

In addition to computer systems, the following equipment is also available:

  • Commercial vehicles for outdoor work / staff transportation
  • Landscape surveying instruments